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All kinds of yarns and mono- and multifilaments are being twined, braided or roped.
The yarns are twisted together and will be braided into several length, colour or type.

Helmes-Wellink has a modern braiding factory where ropes can be braided from 0,33 mm to 18 mm in diameter, varied from 3rd till 32nd braid.
Rope can also be manufactured to 3 and 4 strands from 2mm to 40mm in diameter.

We have the disposal of modern reeling equipment using straight and cone shaped reels. High quality yarns will be produced such as Dyneema ®, Technora ®, Twaron ®Kevlar ®, and Vectran ® used for national and international customers.
Helmes-Wellink is a supplier of cord used in tea bags in cotton, polyester and polypropylene yarn as well.

The whole process can be adjusted when desired so it can provide some benefits regarding special settings, special qualities of polyester and polyprop cord.
In general we have a quick delivery time. We deliver to the Armed Forces, agricultural-, textile-, sun blinding-, kite-, camping- and sport industry.

Plakhorstweg 7
(industrieterrein Keppelseweg)
7008 AS Doetichem
Postbus 13, 7000 AA Doetinchem (The Netherlands)
(+31) (314) 32 61 45
(+31) (314) 34 30 98


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