Since 1868, we have specialized in the development and production of rope and rope products. With machinery that can be used 24/7, we can produce different types of ropes and yarns day and night, weekdays and weekends, especially for you.

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Rope factory Helmes-Wellink is the specialist in the field of twisting, braiding, rope-making, winding and coating of yarns.

Do normal wires not offer a solution and do you need something special? For your customized product or solution, Touwfabriek Helmes-Wellink employs specialists who can help in many different areas.



The rope factory was founded in 1868 and has since grown into a reliable partner for both the Dutch and worldwide market.


types of products

With a wide range, we supply a large number of customers with more than a thousand different types of products.


The demand for strong and reliable cords and ropes is growing day by day. Each company uses its product under different conditions for different applications. This means that we too must continue to develop and learn new techniques. That is why we also work together with our suppliers and customers as much as possible to deliver the best possible end result in order to keep you satisfied. A unique solution for every company!

With regard to sustainability, we are taking our responsibility to society by working with our customers to find solutions with recycled yarns or biobased materials instead of synthetic yarns. We have developed biodegradable (tomato) rope for the horticultural sector. In addition, it is possible to supply sewing thread, meat and kitchen twine and many other rope products for the various sectors.

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