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rope factory Helmes-Wellink

Rope factory Helmes-Wellink Rope factory Helmes-Wellink B.V. is the specialist in developing and producing the most diverse ropes and rope products. With over 150 years of experience, we have gained a lot of knowledge with regard to rope and rope-making.

Thanks to our extensive machine park, we are very flexible and able to deliver any quantity of products. Good cooperation with our suppliers also ensures that we can supply you with both high-quality (synthetic) and traditional (natural) yarns. We can also twist, braid, wind and oil these for you.


Rope factory Helmes B.V. has many years of experience in its industry. The rope factory was founded in 1868 and has since grown into a reliable partner for both the Dutch and worldwide market. Below you will find a point-by-point overview of the long history...

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wanders group

Rope factory Helmes-Wellink B.V. is part of the Wanders group which includes the following companies:

  - Wanders Mobile Chalets
  - Wanders Fires & Stoves
  - Steel construction Velp
  - Helmes-Wellink rope factory