Our services


We are experts in the field of assembling, putting together different qualities of yarn in such a way that a homogeneous combination of thread is created. Then we can twist it perfectly.


Stranded ropes are built up step by step. A number of yarns are twisted into a strand. Three or four of these strands are twisted in the opposite direction to form the rope.


The machinery is composed in such a way that both filament and spun yarns can be processed. We are very flexible in Twisting. Helmes-Wellink twists various yarns in different thicknesses.


In the braid, cords are braided from 0.2 mm to approx. 20 mm Ø in constructions 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32 ͤ braid. Elastic cords up to 8 mm Ø and spiral braids in different color combinations are also braided.


The winding department has various types of machines that are suitable for processing filament and fibers up to 6 mm Ø. The sleeve length can vary from 50 mm to 10” cones. The cone layout can be either conical or cylindrical.


To improve the running properties of industrial polyester sewing thread, we can process it with mineral oil, an alternative is vegetable oil.

Our machinery

We have an extensive range of machines ranging from traditional rope-making machines to advanced braiding, twisting and spinning machines. Our braiding machines are from Herzog, the twisting machines from Roblon, Galan, Twistechnology and Volkmann. And our winding machines from Roblon, Dietze & Schell, JBF, Cezoma, Hacoba and SSM, among others. Our winding department is designed in such a way that we can offer a wide range of different layout formats.