Our ropes

With a wide range, we supply a large number of customers with more than a thousand different types of products, which are exclusively produced in one of our production locations in the Netherlands.

Our processes

Raw materials

Natural Yarns

Several of our products are made exclusively from natural yarns. These yarns are hemp, jute, cotton, manila and sisal.

High-quality yarns

In addition to natural yarns, we also use high-quality, synthetic yarns. These yarns all have unique properties that can be used under different conditions. The high-quality yarns that we can use as raw material for your products are Dyneema®, Endumax®, InnegraTM, Kevlar®, Technora®, Twaron®, Vectran®. In addition to these yarns, we also use artificial hemp, polypropylene, polyester, nylon and spun.